Family Time

Family Time


The main goal of Family and Youth Ministries is to "Build Strong Families." We believe that strong families build strong individuals, strong churches, and strong communities! But what does a "strong family" look like? Dad, Mom, two kids, a dog, and a white picket fence? NO! We know that there are many different "types" of family structures. No family is perfect, but we know that God LOVES them all! Therefore, we do not strive to create perfect families, but healthy and growing families...STRONG FAMILIES!

We feel that parents are the primary influence in a child's life and that God calls parents to lead and disciple their children (Deuteronomy 6:4-9). And the church is called to equip the family (Ephesians 4:11-16). We are convinced that when these two influences (church and home) partner together, IT WILL CHANGE LIVES! While we do have classes and programs designed to help build strong families...we like to think that we are building a "culture" and "community" that is family focused and not program driven.


A few thoughts for families about D6 Moments

D6 moments are based on Deuteronomy 6 which is a call to parents (and grandparents) to take everyday opportunities to impress God’s Word upon the hearts of their children. Sure, these D6 charges are part of the Old Testament law which we are no longer under, but the principles run though out the New Testament as well. D6 moments need to be a way of life. Our goal as a church is to equip parents to be the spiritual leaders of their children that God has called them to be. Take a little time to stop and read God’s call to parents in Deuteronomy 6.


Surely one of the greatest assets and essential ingredients in raising godly kids is T.I.M.E. First, in the literal sense, we must spend time with our families. Quality AND quantity time! Second, below is a little memory tool that may help you focus on a few of the essentials of building a strong family.
  • Teachable Moments: Using everyday experiences to teach children valuable life lessons.
  • Intentional Involvement: We must be intentional about our parenting. We must always look for ways to be involved in our children’s lives!
  • Make Memories: It doesn't mean we have to spend money, it could be as simple as playing a game together. Whether it be family traditions or just fun, make memorable times together.
  • Experience Life together: No matter what age we are, we are all still learning. No parent or family is perfect. As we make our children make mistakes, be sure to take time to talk and learn through experience.