What To Expect

What To Expect


What Can You Expect When You Visit?

First of all, you will not be pressured or purposely embarrassed. We all had a 'first day' at church, and we understand what that is like. We hope that you will find that we are a friendly group. If you have any questions, please ask. At 9:30 A.M.., we start off together in the auditorium and then break up into our Bible classes. Many people arrive about ten minutes early to have a little time to chat before we begin. After class, we meet back together in the auditorium to begin our worship services at 10:30.



You will notice that we sing several songs during our worship to God. We project songs onto a screen at our morning assemblies, but song books are also available for those wishing to use them. The purpose of our singing is an expression of genuine love for God. You may sing if you wish, or just listen if you prefer. We do not use instruments in worship, but simply use our voices and our hearts. We don't consider this just a conviction of ours, or a desire to hold to our restoration heritage, but we are seeking worship according to the pattern found in the New Testament which we are called to do in a number of scriptures. If you have never experienced this type of worship, you may be surprised at how heartfelt and uplifting it can be! We try to sing a mixture of traditional and contemporary songs - reflective of the diverse age range and preferences in our congregation.



We believe in the power of, and spend time in prayer every time we are together. We offer prayers of praise and thanksgiving, in addition to praying for God's guidance and for healing of the sick. A brother in Christ will lead our thoughts, and we each pray from our hearts to our living, loving God. Please let us know if there is anything we can pray for you about!



In accordance with the pattern seen in the New Testament church, we offer the Lord’s Supper (communion) every Sunday. This is a time to specifically focus on Jesus’ death on the cross and the salvation He offers. For those of us who are baptized believers and have chosen to place Christ as Lord of our life, it is a very special time of contemplating what Jesus has done for us. Don't feel awkward about participating, feel free to just pass the trays on,  if you are visiting and not a member of the Lord's church, no one will think anything of it.



We give a voluntary offering to the Lord each Sunday; this is the sole means of financial support for the workings of this congregation. This is done by passing a tray down each pew after communion. For the member, it is a privilege to have the opportunity to participate in the Lord's work but again, as our guest you are not expected to give. Just passing the tray on is no problem but you may certainly participate if you wish.


A Message From the Word

We believe the Bible is the literal Word of God and is the foundation of our lives, so we read from it every time we are together. The sermons are taken directly from Scripture with a focus on practical application in our daily lives and PowerPoint slides are often used to enhance our study. Feel free to share any area of interest that you have for future sermons or classes and please ask if there is anything in the lesson which is unclear or you would like further study about.



The sermon usually concludes with a "invitation" which is extended to all who are listening to the message. Don't feel ill-at-ease during this time; you will never be singled out. There may some who respond, or may be none. People may respond to share with the group a need for prayers, to "place membership" with the congregation, or to be baptized into Christ. The baptism will always be immersion, it will be for the forgiveness of sins and to be added to Christ's body (Church), in accordance with New Testament scriptures.